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Board of directors

Dr. Daniel Zurr – Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board
Dr. Daniel Zurr, served as the CEO, Founder and Chairman of Quark Pharmaceuticals Inc. from 1993 to 2020, and the former CEO of Plantex Ikapharm (currently part of the Teva Group). Dr. Zurr has vast experience in senior research and business management in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Educated at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and PhD studies at Imperial College, London, UK.

Prof. Roger Kornberg
Prof. Kornberg is professor of structural biology at Stanford University School of Medicine Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry in 2006 for his studies of the process by which genetic information from DNA is copied to RNA, “the molecular basis of eukaryotic transcription.

Michael Ding – Managing Director at Infinity Private Equity Group, Beijing City, China
Michael Ding is a Managing Director at Infinity based in Beijing, focused in investments in the healthcare and in clean tech industries. Before joining infinity, he was a senior consultant for, and led the IPO processes of several companies. Michael Ding received a bachelor’s degree from Peking University and a bachelor’s degree from Shandong University.

Prof. Zicai Liang – Founder, Chairman & CEO, Suzhou Ribo Life Science Co. Ltd., Kunshan, China.
Prof. Zicai Liang founded Ribo in 2007 in an effort to advance RNAi therapeutics in China. With China’s biggest team of scientists and staff focused solely on RNAi research and development, Ribo and its Kunshan RNAi Institute partnership represents one of the world’s leading efforts to develop RNAi therapeutics. Between 1998 and 2017 Prof. Liang held University professor positions in Biotechnologies at Peking University, China and Karolinska Institute, Sweden. Prof. Liang obtained his Ph.D. degree at Uppsala University, Sweden and did postdoctorial studies at Yale University.

Prof. Timothy J. Schroeder – Chairman & CEO and Founder of CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services (CTI)
Prior to CTI that Timothy J. Schroeder founded and is leading during the last 22 years, he held the position of Executive Vice President-Clinical Development at SangStat Medical Corp., Principal and Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and Internal Medicine at the University of Cincinnati (Ohio) and Member of The University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. He is also on the board of Xavier University, Bexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc., ImmunArray Ltd. and INmune Bio, Inc. Timothy J. Schroeder was educated at University of Cincinnati and Xavier University.

Philip B. Simon, CPA, Howson & Simon LLP
Philip B. Simon is co-founder and managing partner of Howson & Simon, LLP, a California accounting firm. He founded, and for approximately 20 years, served as President of Lawrence Investments, LLC, heading up the team that managed Lawrence J. Ellison’s personal financial, legal, tax and investment activity. While President of Lawrence Investments, LLC, Mr. Simon served on the boards of numerous private and public companies. He received his undergraduate degree from Yale University and his J.D. from Stanford Law School.