Our ProductsCoherent and Comprehensive, Holistic strategy (CCH) to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic


In addition to LN 008 for treatment of early COVID 19 infected patients Lepton is developing a Coherent and Comprehensive, Holistic strategy (CCH) to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The uniqueness of the CCH treatment mode is its dual capability of (1) limiting the entry of the virus into the airways host cells, thus reducing the viral load; and (2) significantly reducing or preventing the overreaction of the innate immune system (cytokine storm), thus avoiding, or treating the major complications of the viral infection.

Specifically, the CCH strategy embraces the essentially simultaneous silencing, by siRNA molecules, (1) of the two principal host genes ACE2 and TMPRSS2, that are responsible for the virus entry into the epithelial cells in the airways, as well as (2) of the gene MASP2 in the liver, likely responsible for the cytokine storm by means of the company’s LN-008.

The Coherent and Comprehensive, Holistic strategy (CCH) serves to

  • prevent or reduce the viral load,
  • limit the level of infection and for
  • early treatment of symptoms

The drug candidate complex is expected to consist of (1) one-time inhalation of a mixture of two siRNAs, against ACE2 and TMPRSS2, (or one molecule pro-drug that is composed of the two siRNAs) and (2) a one-time subcutaneous injection of MASP2 siRNA. It is envisaged that the indication will be prophylactic treatment of high-risk patients for COVID-19 disease.