Our ProductsBusiness Strategy


We always welcome new contacts and collaborations. At Lepton we have broad knowledge in the area we operate, a desire to constantly improve and are always open to new collaboration opportunities that can help us develop our products and technologies to treat underserved diseases.

We are looking for partners who complement us and strive to and see value in different types of collaborations; we are open to different types of collaborations that can create synergies in many ways.

In particular,

  1. We seek collaborations with pharmaceutical companies for our COVID-19 prophylaxis and treatment portfolio, LN 008 targeting MASP2 on one hand and LN-011/LN-012, siRNAs targeting ACE2/TMPRSS2 respectively combined, on the other. We believe our CCH Platform (us patent application filed) is the ultimate answer to high risk COVID-19 patients and with the pandemic raging worldwide, speed of development, that we trust would be greatly enhanced by such a collaboration, is essential.
  2. We welcome opportunities to explore the possibilities for collaboration in additional indications for LN-008 and/or LN-012 as well as for generating and developing siRNA-based drugs for partner’s target genes using our siRNA platform technologies.
  3. Licensing out or collaborative arrangements our proprietary, breakthrough technology, the LN-Cast technology. Either for the utilization of the LN-Cast for specific products, or for specific products (like DLBCL) .